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Stan Talks HAM Radio

Stan Talks HAM Radio

  • February 23, 2018
  • by

Thanks for stopping by!

Amateur radio is my favorite hobby.  It allows me to learn, make friends, solve problems and have fun.

It is the original social network.

I don’t know why I waited so long to take up this hobby. Anyway, it’s a natural fit, as I’ve always loved communication electronics.

I had a great elmer (teacher and coach) to thank for getting me into the hobby: Tom K2TDH a former neighbor. Tom was more than generous with time, equipment and support, and I still owe him much!! He is now SK: I miss him.

If you would like to get involved it’s easy.  There are lots of clubs and individuals willing to help.  Check out & I myself have loaned equipment to people started.  It is a real community.

I am always actively involved in trying to recruit more HAMS into the hobby, and had the honor of elmering some. I enjoy electronic repair/inventing and ran an electronics repair business on the side for many years.

My EchoLink node is 227963 & tuned to 147.240 PL 71.9.  It is a great repeater with excellent coverage of the Utica-Rome Mohawk Valley Area. Here is a list of Echolink Shortcuts useable on my node.

Want to listen in & see if you like it? Here is My scanner feed of local repeaters etc.  (click the play arrow on the left side of the page that appears) I urge others to create a feed in your area.  It’s easy and very handy.  (I can help)

I am in to DMR (digital mobile radio) now.  It is a merging of the internet and radio, link Echolink on steroids. You can talk around the world on a local repeater or a small portable hotspot.  Listen in on this scanner feed to hear the DMR TAC-310 talk-group. is a great resource for local ham information.  (must include the “WWW”)

Echo Link Presentation

Elmered: KD2DET, KC2FDY, KC2GUP, KC2GUN & KC2NZA updated 7/17/17

“See” you on the bands…….73


Also Check Out:

See my complete BLOG right here.

Kit & Pete’s one page local repeater list.

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