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Stan Talks DMR (Digital Mobile Radio)

  • August 20, 2017
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One of the latest trends, and my newest interest in amateur radio is DMR.  It is adapted from a commercial system and is exploding in popularity.  The format is not proprietary, so any manufacturer can make a radio for it……

If your are familiar with Echo-Link, it is the next step.  When you select a channel, you are connected world wide via the internet.  Once you are set up, there is no connect/disconnect procedure like EL. Simply select a channel (talk group) and begin your conversation.  We are blessed to have several repeaters in our area which will connect you to the network.

Smith Hill – Best bet. Wide area coverage – On air now    447.575 (-)

Oneida – Wide area coverage – On air now   444.800 +

Mohawk – Great location – Near future   449.425 (-)

Verona – Local coverage – On air now   442.250 +

If you would like to hear what’s going on there, check out this feed of the DMR talk group TAC310. Give a listen.

Feel free to contact me with questions.  by looking me up on or better yet, comment here.

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