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Welcome – Please Subscribe

  • March 07, 2017
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First, a little background:

I was born in ’58. I’ve been married to a wonderful woman since 1978. We have a son and daughter who are now adults and doing well. I am web-master for our church. I am not, however, offended by differing views and I do welcome discussion. Maybe we can learn and explore together! I also taught computers at Holy Cross Academy, and enjoyed it!  I worked for Lockheed Martin from 1980 to 2015 as an electrical engineer.  I now work for a great little company called R.A.Wood Associates.

My favorite hobby is HAM (amateur).  You can see a lot about that in subsequent posts.

So why a blog?

  • Blog” is short slang for web-log.  See my complete blog here.
  • It is different from a web page because it is easier to publish, allows comments & dialog, and is mostly arranged chronologically.
  • It’s different from “Face Book” because you are in control.  Your content won’t change, move or get superseded because some software nerd gets a bright idea over at FB.
  • I’ve been encouraged by my wife (pictured) and others to grow and share more since I won an informal speaking contest competing with very worthy competition.
  • This affords me a chance to be creative beyond my hobby page.
  • Yes, there is the potential to profit helping others start their own blog.

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